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We currently produce three web series that are available on Youtube and most Podcast Platforms

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supadopefresh(tm) Podcast


The supadopefresh(tm) Podcast show is a weekly podcast with Deblak (Digital Media Specialist, Entrepreneur, Artist, Producer, Emcee) and his brother, Bolo Fresche (Community Activist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Artist, Bboy) targeting their combined social media presence of over 50,000 followers.

Deblak and Bolo Fresche’s audiences have been looking for more opportunity to tell their stories and shed light on their many talents. For their audience, the supadopefresh show bridges the gap between the real world and the hip hop culture, exposing truths behind the struggles and triumphs of their friends and celebrities across the culture. We focus on the following four core elements of hip hop; DJs, Breakers, Emcees, and Art / Graffiti.


    Watch The Rooted in Love Show by 8 Robinsons TV produced by Yellow Tub Creative

    The Rooted In Love Show

    The Rooted in Love Show focuses on "Life spoken from the roots of those who adapt to reach the sunlight..." We discuss immigration, racism, prison reform, entrepreneurship, families and love all as seen through the eyes of our diverse guest. The show is hosted by the Robinson brothers (Primarily Mario D'Andre Robinson, Jerald Levar Robinson and Emmitt Robinson, III but also features Angelo Robinson, Anthony Robinson and other guest host). The show is produced by 8 Robinsons LLC in partnership with Yellow Tub Creative LLC airing each Sunday at 7pm ET.


      Watch the HERshyt Show by 8 Robinsons TV produced by Yellow Tub Creative

      The HERshyt Show

      HELLO! It is Hersh, me, and my thoughts. I want to bring awareness to issues. Real life issues and triumphs. No script - just me speaking to you. I hope to bring someone to reality rather than sugar coat or enable. Some may agree, some may not and some might even cuss a little at me and that's ok. I cuss back. 😉 This is not your average show! So, let's go! Let's all dive in an assist someone else to make a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. Welcome to The HERshyt Show" Episodes release weekly on podcast streaming networks, youtube, and facebook Video.


      The Harnessing Your Divine Feminine Show with Andrea Bagby

      The Harnessing Your Divine Feminine Show

      Harnessing Your Divine Feminine is based on the concept of giving women opportunities. When you give a woman an opportunity you are giving her the world. We give opportunities for women to grow in entrepreneurship, elegance, & empowerment. Retreats, workshops, classes, small groups, and wellness initiatives continue to grow us. Host Andrea Bagby is described as a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Pendulum, Reiki Master - Andrea is Modern Mystic, Wellness Coach, Intuitive, and Certified Yoga train the trainer.