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Week 09 of 2024: My brother and I talked about the reality of work life balance for us this weekend. It’s not an even exchange by far. It ebbs and flows like the ocean tide coming and going as it pleases. Truly successful people understand that there are times when things are not as balanced as desired. 

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I often wonder why the Storage business remains booming in America. I see new facilities open quarterly yet you can still end up on a waiting list for a good storage location. But not only do we carry an excessive amount of stuff, we also carry our past which includes so much mess that we don’t really need. I’ve had several homes since I bought my 1st and everyone of them would fill up with so much stuff that I was no longer using. 

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Absolute Skillz (June 22, 2019) is all about the culture of HIPHOP, a small mini tour that allows dancers around the United States to showcase their Skillz and compete for the top prize in Boston! 

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