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Just 3 years ago you could not have told me that I would be owning a Digital TV studio with a brick-and-mortar location. Over the last 3 months we have partnered with Rockwell Dance Academy to create a media center that houses 8 Robinsons TV and our supadopefresh™ Brand. After spending a good bit on bringing the space up to code, I had been stressing about furniture for the lobby and for various set designs. Well, tonight our business partner Lonnie Jackson blessed us with more than enough furniture to get started.

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I have a message for my friends and my sons, and my nephews and my nieces as well. “If you hang out with the boys you still got to get up with the men.” It’s ok to enjoy life and have fun or even have your lazy days. But when there is work to be done, we get up and get to it. Eliminate putting off for tomorrow, what can be done today. I have several youth and adults in my circle that attempt to cease the day after 3pm, a time by which me and my brothers will have accomplished everything we set out to do for the day.

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Imagination fails to exist where all our images are provided. Reading seems to have been replaced with 30-60second bytes of non-essential information sprawled across social media. But that’s not true. We can change our personal algorithms by not engaging with content that doesn’t uplift, heal, or even make us laugh in a healthy way. A book is essential enough. They allow the mind to create worlds and towns and landscapes and people we have never met personally before.

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I had a dream that I was in a small house with family and friends. The kitchen seemed packed with people. I could barely hear over the laughing and stories being shared. I looked around the room and saw nothing but smiles and felt nothing but love. Then I was at a home in a private community filled with all the things I desired. A recording studio with a huge soundproof room, marble floors, winding stair cases, and 15ft ceilings.

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Entry 001: I lost an entire day of footage this month. I didn’t think to verify that the audio was being captured correctly and none of the clips have audio. I let my team know immediately because I do believe in accountability. I rearranged film dates to get them in for a reshoot as soon as possible. But it was a lesson well learned. Rushing through anything in life can ultimately make your path longer and more difficult. The extra 5minutes before each episode to test everything should not be skipped just because we have done it successfully for months.  So today, I’m focused on slowing down. Setting my own pace so that I can allow time to do things correctly. I don’t want to skip four 5minute processes only to end up adding a full 5hr shoot day. Whatever it is in your day that is important, take the extra time to do it. It could be praying, making to-do-lists, answering voicemails, returning emails or any task no matter how big or small. Do not allow yourself to skip it for the sake of saving time. I’m on a mission to be better and that absolutely starts with me.

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