DAY 087 –  Dream Bigger

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DAY 087 – Dream Bigger

We reach a point in life where we realize that the top of the mountain you just climbed is only the bottom of the next. In that moment a separation is created. A hard line drawn between those who settle in comfortability and those who accept challenge and seek higher goals. I was once told that I dreamed to small when I dreamed of making a 6-figure salary. I didn’t understand until I reached that goal at a very young age and realized how small of a mindset I had. First mistake was assigning a monetary amount to my goals and a small one at that. It was a huge amount and fantastic goal based on the environment and community that I came from. But it was nothing compared to where I was going. The second mistake was that the goal only benefited me. It was selfish in nature, and I looked up after reaching it and was alone with a torn family. Feel like I’m on my 3rd or 4th mountain now. I’m not alone this time. I can see the many hills ahead of me. My goals are much bigger than me. They are invaluable. They include my family and my village. They are the seeds of a legacy, and I am a planter of trees.

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