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I’ve never been an overly confident person. It is admittedly not the best trait to have for someone navigating life’s journey as a creative leader. I have had to adapt over the years. I’ve watched people come behind me and negotiate better salaries, all because I was raised to accept what I was given with no complaints. Countering a job offer felt like “talking back” in many ways. Highly skilled people from poor and humble upbringings must know that they are valuable. They often must be told about their worth and coached to be confident. But the real world doesn’t work that way. Jobs and contracts quickly go to those that are often less skilled. The larger salaries go right along with them. I remember learning that I could have negotiated not only salary but vacation time as well. I’ve seen cash bonuses become part of negotiations when salary desires could not be met.

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Hiding from yourself and others often means that opportunity will not find you. I have never known opportunity to seek candidates in places where there is no like-minded activity. Everything that I am is a result of me performing and sharing my experiences as well as the results of those experiences. Then something almost magical happens. “Other People” begin to talk and broadcast about their experiences with you. Those words travel almost at the speed of light and go further than we could ever go on our own. They skip across social media and bounce around conversations on Airplanes and circulate through local communities.

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