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To fight for something is as human as our need to breathe. People fight for relationships, jobs, pets, and even their ideals (wrong or right). We even get caught up in the fights of others, sometimes before we even understand the reasons. I’ve been spending more and more time, fighting for the things “I” love. I’ve been putting in the work. Building key family brands and helping organizations tell their stories visually is my passion. 

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I am convinced that the faults we have with love are of our own making. To love a job, career, or even a person must be unconditional to be fully appreciated and grown from the infant stages that it starts from. This is the hardest part of loving. To have love not subject to any conditions seems almost impossible as we grow older, learn more, and gain experience.  When things go wrong, we use old and newly discovered faults to build walls between us. We begin to journey on separate paths rather than work together to reestablish common ground. This is where the limits begin to take shape. The walls become so high, and the paths become so far apart that we lose sight of the 1st love we felt, often finding, and establishing new love in the process. 

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