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I know so many people who take clips from famous people and apply the words spoken in the 10second bit to their life. A while ago, telling would be entrepreneurs to “JUMP” became a catch phrase / buzz word. I watched and listened to stories of so many people who quit their jobs in order to follow their dreams. Everyone had a plan. But what is quickly learned is that you should never “JUMP” without a place to land. The average entrepreneur is going to need multiple streams of income so

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Taking revenge even against someone often hurts you more. It takes an incredible amount of energy to think, plan and execute on revenge. You may think, “Oh I would never hurt anybody!” But revenge isn’t always about physically hurting another person. Something as simple as spreading a false rumor can have a butterfly effect that almost always comes back to you. I remember talking with my ex’s aunt and uncle and said somethings about my brother. In a matter of days I found myself three states away in a driveway at night having to explain myself to my brother! I’m thankful for that lesson. It taught me firsthand to learn to love kindness.

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I don’t think the kids in our family understand the value of their current environment. They have the unique ability to gain invaluable experience just from being around, listening and watching all of their entrepreneur Uncles and cousins. The things we speak on are the things we spent 6-8 years in colleges learning. Some have traveled around the world and brought back knowledge and culture.  We have built brands from the ground up and ALL that knowledge is at their fingertips. Companies employ us and quickly move us up as they realize the benefits. OTHER people’s experiences are the best teachers. 

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