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I know so many people who take clips from famous people and apply the words spoken in the 10second bit to their life. A while ago, telling would be entrepreneurs to “JUMP” became a catch phrase / buzz word. I watched and listened to stories of so many people who quit their jobs in order to follow their dreams. Everyone had a plan. But what is quickly learned is that you should never “JUMP” without a place to land. The average entrepreneur is going to need multiple streams of income so

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I have a lot of clients from my past that I still check on. I visit the old websites I designed looking for growth. I see if the brand has grown well. There are those that make me smile SUPER BIG! When I go to websites or social media pages and am unable to find any links to work that I either completed or assisted in the creation of, I do feel a way. I want growth for them all. I desire success for everyone. One that I have been particularly proud of is the Black Health Matters Movement. I remember talking with Rosalyn Daniels and hearing her lay out a plan of the whats, whens, and hows of Black Health Matters. It sounded like an enormous feat to even imagine. She spoke with confidence, and I knew that she had great experience from her background and existing network.

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One of the biggest challenges that I face daily is maintaining discipline. It can be a heavy burden to manage several brands that include events, podcasts, and web series. There are those mornings where I snooze the alarm for at least two 15min extensions on my sleep [lol!], and weekends when I think to myself, “why can’t I have normal weekends where I watch sports and nap on my couch?” My weekends are spent shooting and editing video footage and planning social media post for the upcoming week. 

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