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Should technology adjust to us or should we continue to innovate in that space and allow the world the opportunity to catch up. Even after watching large enterprises like Blockbuster Video, Kodak, and even Movie Theaters fail to keep up with the demands of technology. We have to adjust to Technology and not the other way around. Will all cars and trucks be electric one day? Probably anything that isn’t a service vehicle. 

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What saves a man or woman is to take but one step towards their goal. Every journey begins with but a single step. Imagine that. Those considered the greatest of us all woke up one morning and over the course of that day decided to take the first step towards their goals. It doesn’t matter how big or how impactful your first step is. Just make the movement. Make some movement

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There was a period when I could not keep a plant alive for longer than a few days. I remember while as a production artist at, we all received plants for our desk. Mine was yellow and withering within days while I watched in amazement as my co-worker Raj's plant grew to stretch across multiple cubicles. over the last few years I've been growing the most amazing things from seeds. The growth happens so slowly that on many days I've felt like a failure. But today I had a moment where I smiled. I noticed how tall a few...

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