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I promise that I can tell my kids exactly how to overcome an obstacle and they will nod their heads and walk away and do the exact opposite. Then someone else can come along and tell them the exact same thing and they will report back to me as if they just got the best advice in their life! This deeply frustrated me for the longest time. I eventually learned to accept it and simply lead by example.

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My youngest son is becoming a man. He is excelling in some areas, while I must push him and direct him in others. He is about to be 17 and this is the most difficult stage of parenting that I have ever experienced. He is an artist like me. A creative that can sew a custom hoodie one morning, jump down six flights of steps on his skateboard that afternoon, and dance like he floats on clouds doing air flares that night at a breakin competition. I’m heading into the last year of high school with a young man that thinks he has life figured out, that struggles asking for help (unless its for money, he has no problems with that), and seems to want to figure the world out on his own. One thing that I have learned from my own father is that parenting never stops, even when it is difficult. As hard as it is, I do understand that “It is easier to create strong boys than to repair broken men.”

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