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To fight for something is as human as our need to breathe. People fight for relationships, jobs, pets, and even their ideals (wrong or right). We even get caught up in the fights of others, sometimes before we even understand the reasons. I’ve been spending more and more time, fighting for the things “I” love. I’ve been putting in the work. Building key family brands and helping organizations tell their stories visually is my passion. 

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On this week’s HERshyt Show Episode 046 the ladies talk about it being ok to not be ok. Last night, as I sat on a couch across from one brother and beside another in near silence, I could feel the tiredness in the room as my phone rang with yet another brother on the phone. Yes, I have a large family. Yes, we are often not ok. Over the years we have learned to talk about our problems, but there is still that pressure of being the type of men that do the opposite. It is comfortable to hold things in and work through it. I sat there thinking that I haven’t taken a vacation since Spring Break of 2021 

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