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Growing up in a 10-family household was interesting. Especially with 6 boys. We would always take more food than we could eat because with that many brothers there were never any second helpings nor left over food. So, when we would get full and still have food on our plate, we were made to sit there and eat it (unless you could convince a sibling to eat it for you). Mom would calmly say “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. You are wasting food.” As a small business owner, I often treat projects the same. Clients offer money and in-kind rewards, and it becomes so hard to say no.

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My mom has a wealth of knowledge. She has never had a traditional job. She was a candy lady for a period, and she was also a babysitter for decades. But with eight kids and all those years of living comes a tremendous amount of wisdom and common-sense life skills. She is the one that taught us that “if you don’t have what you need, use what you got.” My hardest time learning this was when I first started working. I would wait for my dad to come home from work and then get a ride to draw and paint signs at Kroger.

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