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Taking revenge even against someone often hurts you more. It takes an incredible amount of energy to think, plan and execute on revenge. You may think, “Oh I would never hurt anybody!” But revenge isn’t always about physically hurting another person. Something as simple as spreading a false rumor can have a butterfly effect that almost always comes back to you. I remember talking with my ex’s aunt and uncle and said somethings about my brother. In a matter of days I found myself three states away in a driveway at night having to explain myself to my brother! I’m thankful for that lesson. It taught me firsthand to learn to love kindness.

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It becomes increasingly hard to be yourself in a society where every action is under the microscope. While in corporate America, I hid my connection to Atlanta’s hip hop scene for over 10yrs. We organized events, fed the homeless weekly on Atlanta’s classic Auburn Ave, and produced theatrical shows around the city. I learned the hard way that you can’t be so hungry to please the masses that you fail to represent yourself. The skills that I learned as “DeBlak” aka “Black” were what made me such an asset on the job. I understood marketing and branding from a grassroots perspective.

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