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I try my best not to carry disappointment in myself for too long. The one thing that really gets under my skin, is when I start something and fail to finish. I love that I see this in my brothers as well. This past weekend we hosted a beautiful art exhibit curated by Angelo Robinson that found us spending a lot of long days and late nights. There was lots of driving around picking up art and the price of gas could not be a hinderance...

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Our legacies can be summed up in one brief statement. If You Do Something or If You Don’t Do Something You Will Be Known for That. I talk a lot about what I’m doing, but if you follow my journey, you will find that I do 10x more so that my actions greatly overshadow my words. I let my team know that we may not fully reap the benefits of the work we are doing. I want everyone to be ok with setting up foundations and sustainability for the next generation.

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