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There was a period when I could not keep a plant alive for longer than a few days. I remember while as a production artist at, we all received plants for our desk. Mine was yellow and withering within days while I watched in amazement as my co-worker Raj's plant grew to stretch across multiple cubicles. over the last few years I've been growing the most amazing things from seeds. The growth happens so slowly that on many days I've felt like a failure. But today I had a moment where I smiled. I noticed how tall a few...

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I once met Mr. William (Bill) G Baker while visiting Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California. He was signing copies of his book and answering questions about his time as an inmate in the prison that was supposed to be unescapable. Released in 2012 at the age of 78, Bill had to find a way to adapt and support himself in a world he did not recognize. He recognized the value in his story and set on a path to rebrand himself. While our stories may not be as adventurous as his, we all must strive to own our personal...

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Having a vision does not mean that everyone will see what you see and follow blindly. Vision builders learn to craft small missions for the team so that no one loses sight of the end goal. 

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